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BOOKING: IAN (303) 981-7016

Formed as a drunken, ad-hoc experiment for frontman/vocalist Stalker Henderson's 40th birthday party in 2006, the Mossgatherers have somehow survived and thrived in spite of (and as much as because of) themselves.


At 6' 6", Stalker is by far the tallest member of the group. When he's not captivating audiences with his hip-thrusting stage presence, Stalker runs Active Minds, a company that fosters lifelong learning and physical health in Colorado's senior citizen community (which requires hip-replacement stage presence). Aside from being the band’s main lyricist, Stalker is also its driving force. After all, there would be no Mossgatherers if not for Stalker's mid-life crisis all those years ago.  

In 2010, Ian Keldin replaced original drummer John Gurtche, who left the Mossgatherers to design the Hall of Human Origins at the Museum of Natural History Washington D.C. (whatever).  Ian is a local filmmaker best known for producing and starring in Cannibal: The Musical, the first feature film by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. But he is most proud of his recent opus "Kaiser Permanente: A Service Training Refresher Course". 

Actor/guitarist Erik Tieze is also no stranger to Hollywood. This classically-trained Dartmouth alum has played such diverse roles as "Guy at Bar" (in the 1997 ABC miniseries Asteroid), "Minute Maid in the Morning" and “Dad Excited About Honda". In 2012 he almost got a recurring part on Breaking Bad, but we all know Hollywood is all about who you know and not what you know.  In his free time, Erik likes to design handmade t-shirts, deconstruct guitar amps and write Dada-ist murder mystery screenplays.

Bassist Dave Camp is some kind of lawyer.

Over the years, the Mossgatherers have enjoyed playing such great Denver venues as Larimer Lounge, Globe Hall, Lost Lake, The Oriental Theater, Stapleton Rocks, Herman's Hideaway, Park Hill Home Tour, Stacy's Backyard, The Toad Tavern, Keystone Bluegrass Festival, Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom and Red Rocks (Oncology Center). 

In 2017, the Mossgatherers launched a successful Kickstarter campaign funded to the tune of $4,300 that we used to produce our first album, which saw 1000 streams in its first three months of release and continues to rack up .30¢ in weekly royalties. 

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