Possible image for our new tune?

Our latest song needs a cover image. Give it a listen and let us know what image it conjures up for you: https://youtu.be/AmaRM1r3pIg

A Moss See!

New protest tune by the Mossgatherers Denver's nuttiest post-punk Dad Band.

Eerie Eary Joyful Noises

We had our first run at a couple scratch recordings with the new digital interface last week. It sounds amazing, thanks mainly to Ian's expertise as a passionate gearhead (not to mention his killer chops as a drummer)! It now remains for us to live up to all this technolo- nah, just kidding. Don't worry; we won't. While in our case punk is definitely "Dad", these days it needs to be more alive than ever.

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a great denver dad band post-punk fun funk crazy entertaining kid friendly music experience

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