Yesternight we had our first run at a couple super-rough demos to test out our new recording equipment and all the soundproofing and general setup in our basement "studio"...and we are happy to report that punk is indeed Dad, but far, far from dead, and it's needed now more than ever!


-What in tarnation IS that NOISE down there?? -It's only the Mossgatherers, Mom! Jeez! (slams door) At this writing, er, scrawling, below are the current front runners for our new album's title in no particular order. Except the order they're in, I guess... Anyway, let us know which if any is your favorite, and send us any suggestions of any other ones you think may be, uh, "better." Thanks, muchachos y muchachas! Here they are, with a little ditty to inspire you: MOSSGATHERERS '17 MOSSGATHERERS: ...TOO SOON? MOSSGATHERERS: PUNK IS DAD MOSSGATHERERS: DEBASEMENT TAPES MOSSGATHERERS: MUSIC TO LISTEN TO MUSIC BY THE MOSSGATHERERS BY

IT BEGINS (whatever it is)!

Hey, kids! After a protracted and ongoing recovery from an avalanche of turkey last November (I'm talkin' about the "election", of course), we're FINALLY setting up our studio! Our first real, full-on, actual album of all-original Mossy tunes is afoot! Thanks in no small part to our Kickstarter campaign's wonderful and generous supporters, this evening we're gonna fire up our snazzy new digital interface (whatever the hell that is) and get the studio's sound Mossified before we begin to record. We're so psyched that we're going out for street tacos first! (Of course, we do that pretty much before every practice, but anyway...) So if you're in the vicinity of Uno Mas, our fave Pearl Street

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a great denver dad band post-punk fun funk crazy entertaining kid friendly music experience

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